XL Large Fluffy 48" Tall Dried Pampas Grass Bundle

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Say hello to my best seller! My creamy pampas is the most luxurious, soft and fluffy pampas grass around! This is the XL fluffy pampas grass that has a plume size larger than 70cm which is more than half of the stem! They are 48" tall Color: Natural. Depending on the lighting, the pampas grass will be a white color or yellow natural tone. They are a natural product so some variation may apply. This feathered Fluffy Natural Beige Large Dried Pampas Grass is a Dried Plume Reed; Everlasting and Luxurious. Are these dried: yes, these feather flowers are dried so they are ready to go and packaged in our custom packaging (see photo) so they are ready to be displayed and sold as is! If you are using these as a decor and want to opt out of the plastic packaging, please let me know. Bundle Sets: I sale them in bundles of 3 so you will get bundles of 3 pampas grass stems for your selling needs. Example, if you order 99 stems you will get 33 bundles of 3.
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