Heavenly Sun Candle (Maison Berger)

Heavenly Sun Candle (Maison Berger)

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Adorned with a delicate gold band and a glossy champagne colour metallic cover; its round opening at the top means that it does not need to be removed during lighting. The flame is protected from draughts, the liquid surface forms more quickly and the perfume is disseminated into the air more quickly too. The solar effect of the Heavenly Sun fragrance is immediate with fresh bergamot in the head note, mysterious magnolia in the heart note and delicious vanilla in the base note. The seal of Maison Berger Paris on the metal base of the Heavenly Sun - Resonance Collection scented candle is a reminder of the unique know-how of the brand and offers the final touch.



  • A vegetal, aromatic & highly decorative candle.
  • Diffuses a Heavenly Sun fragrance with fresh solar notes.
  • Uses 100% natural botanical & vegan wax for cleaner burning.
  • The cotton wick's braiding is specifically adapted to the format of the candle.
  • Burns for up to 45 hours.
  • Housed in an elegant container adorned with a delicate golden headband & a glossy champagne-colored metal hood .
  • Caution: Burn on a heat resistant surface. Do not drop foreign matter or wick-trimmings into candle. Burn in open area away from drafts. Keep candle burning within sight. Keep out of reach of children & pets.