Swedish Dishcloth Cherries

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Toss out your old-fashioned kitchen sponges & grab ahold of an alternative that is environmentally friendly, more durable & dare we say, even more fashionable!

Ecologie Swedish Sponge Cloths from Now Designs made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, help make clean up in your kitchen a breeze from wiping up spills to washing dishes and even cleaning countertops or kitchen appliances. They offer a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and become soft and pliable when wet for easy cleanup. After you’ve cleaned up messes, simply rinse out and air dry, place in the top rack of the dishwasher or even toss it into the washing machine to get it extra clean. 

When you’ve finished using the Ecologie Swedish Sponge Cloth to the point that you’re unable to clean effectively with it, instead of tossing it in the trash, you can throw it into your compost pile! 

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