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Are you sick and tired of your home’s outdated look? Are you ready to finally give it a makeover that will let you enjoy the space in an up-to-date, attractive style? If so, then now is the perfect time to learn how to take on a DIY home makeover project!  From collecting ideas to creating a budget and setting aside time for working on projects, we have all the tips and tricks needed to help get your very own home makeover off the ground. Let's dive right into how you can start yours today! Collect Ideas  When it comes to...

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Interior design is about giving your home’s decor a unique look while enhancing its functionality and style. Whether you are remodelling your entire house or just sprucing up certain areas, getting the interior right is crucial.  When designing your interiors, you will come across several styles, trends, and artists whose work may inspire you. However, taking it all in can be overwhelming, and you may feel confused about what you want to do.  Here are five decorating and remodelling tips from our top interior designers to help nudge you in the right direction.  Identify your style Knowing your style can...

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...and a profound appreciation for the opportunity I was given

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