Plenty of Pillows

Let’s have a chat. Let’s talk about how on earth one is supposed to decorate in January!

I can’t begin to tell you how lost I used to feel in January when I put my Christmas decor away. It was far too soon to bring out the spring foliage. It seemed horribly unauthentic to jump into my spring greens with a foot of snow outside.

For a few days I would simply enjoy the declutter and embrace the openness. But then, I’d look at some of those empty spaces and soon realize that the reason I had put a Christmas vignette in a particular spot is because it craved decor. Some areas just looked horribly empty and tragically lonely without a few well appointed accents.

I was asked again yesterday (as is often the case in early weeks of January) how I decorate after Christmas. So, I thought I’d share what works for me.

The first thing to come down is always the tree. And, while that is stowed away, so too are any other hanging ornaments. This year they were nestled amongst foliage on my mantle, in my tablescape, and from a swag atop my library cabinet. For now, the foliage in all these areas remains; a mixture of faux greens (cedar, pine, fur, spruce, etc.) and flocked (snowy) stems.

My home is traditional and casual so, if anything had glitter on it, it also had to go. But, please keep in mind, if your home is elegant, or refined, or you can pull off crystal, mixed metals, or mercury glass year-round, then there is no need to rush to remove these items. But in my case- they needed to go.

As I survey my space, I consider what could make the biggest impact? Economically where should I focus my efforts first for the biggest impact? The answer, for me, is always throw pillows. I’m the first to admit that I have a pillow fetish (pillows and coffee mugs!). But I truly and honestly believe that throw pillows make the single biggest impact in changing a space. From a decorating perspective-it would be wall paint from a design perspective. 

So, surprise surprise - I swap out my throw pillows.

With this in mind, we have an offer for you! We are going to do a pillow purge in our stock room. We have created Pillow Packages. Bundles of 2 or three. Some at half price and some below cost! There are about 40 bundles so ,over the course of the next few days, stay tuned and see if any of these bundles will help to transform your space!