Creative Outlets

It is our hope that your Daines & Daubney experience doesn’t end the moment you leave the store. We hope that the inspiration carries you long after you’ve physically visited or ventured onto our website. We hope that the ideas motivate you. And we hope that our shared experiences make a difference.

It is critical for me that my team carries themselves well outside the shop too. During the interview process, I ask every candidate what they think is expected from a Daines & Daubney team member outside of business hours. I hope for responses like “I expect them to hold open doors for strangers. They should let someone behind them at the grocery store, with just a few items, go ahead when they have a cartful. They should treat a waitress with respect and leave a campsite or a park bench better than when they arrived. They should never litter. (I’m sorry this is a non-negotiable. You intentionally litter and we are “friends-OFF”.) They should smile. And they should give GRACE.”

You never know where someone has come from, what they’ve been through, or their individual circumstances. I’m not suggesting we should excuse awful behaviour - there is almost no reason at all to be rude to your waitress - but what if my giving grace turns that around for both the waitress and the critic? Win-win.

That’s why, in addition to staging ideas and design advice, we are happy to share with you more about our day-to-day lives; our hobbies as well as our creative outlets. Some fads come and go (who else has a scrapbook collection?). And some have more relevance seasonally like fairy gardening or furniture restoration.

But one theme resonates through all these aspirations. Do something. Work hard and play harder. Find things that bring you joy and go all in. Express yourself through a creative outlet and SHARE. Take pride in your accomplishments and pay it forward. Be flattered by imitation. Give someone else a tip or trick. Share a life hack or give someone the encouragement they need to give something new a try. Remember that part about leaving a place a little better than you found it? That’s relevant for people too. 

So, today, I’m sharing with you my little jewelry rack/ledge; quick, easy, and inexpensive. Mike cut and nailed a couple 1x4s and a dowel for me. I stained them with Min Wax Classic Grey and twisted the hardware in.


Years ago, I had painted an old window, affixed mismatched knobs across the bottom and outfitted the window casings with chicken wire. I was very proud of that piece and it served its purpose for many years. But, when we managed to reno our closet during the pandemic, I wanted a change and to hang one of my many (slight obsession) Highland wall art pieces on the new shiplap. I have a direct line of sight to this sweetheart from the head of my bed. 
And this is the final result! I find that if I don’t see my jewelry as I get dressed in the morning, I tend to grab the same thing day after day. How about you? Do you plan your accessories with your outfit? Are you impulsive and adventurous or do you have your go-to?