Back in Business

It goes without saying that things got really quiet at the beginning of March. I quickly realized I was going to have to get creative to fill my days. I painted the washroom and gave it a mini makeover. I organized the storage room. I tweaked some displays. Although they are cleaned regularly, I disinfected all the toys we have for children to play with while mom shops. I washed the windows. By the time the mandatory closures were announced March 28th, I was starting to accumulate many little messes around the store.

I'd start a project and then jump to another; partly because I get easily distracted and partly because I was so determined to stay productive. Some projects would be completed in a day and others I plucked away at slowly. I think I was hesitant to finish them for fear that I would run out of things to do. I like to keep busy. I thrive on multi-tasking and my adrenaline soars when I'm under pressure or a deadline. 

I also crave constant change. I would have changed up every corner of the store but it just didn't make sense. Hardly anyone had the chance to yet see it the way it was. 

I missed my team desperately. After a few days, I resorted to bringing a bouncy ball in to keep me company - my own version of the infamous Wilson from Castaway. I was also hoping that the mini bathroom makeover would be a nice little surprise when they all returned to work. 

bathroom mini makeover

A couple orders came in, were processed, and shared on social media. Soon shipments became few and far between as warehouses closed and imports were restricted. Each day I would open my email to a dozen new messages about the reduced capacities of our suppliers and their respective contingency plans. 

Our website had been live for a several months already so we were very fortunate that we didn't have to set it up overnight. We didn't have the steep learning curve many businesses experienced yet, we also realized we weren't using the technology to it's fullest potential. There was a sense of urgency to add as many products as possible as quickly as possible. Another reason there were so many little messes throughout the store. 

As the days went on and some of the news regarding the pandemic and our efforts to flatten the curve seemed optimistic, my thoughts turned to re-opening. Each day, I worked harder and harder to ensure there were no little messes left about, and that I didn't start a job I couldn't finish. 

I didn't share it on the shop's social media but I celebrated a birthday and was given a beautiful new bicycle by my boys. I have been desperately missing my fitness classes and am disappointed not to play mixed slowpitch this spring so these sweet new wheels shall help fill my evenings and take me out in the fresh air for some exercise. I haven't ridden a bike in nearly 30 years so, I set a goal for myself. On the day we are permitted to reopen, I will ride (weather permitting) to and from work. 

The province announced  April 30th that we may be able to resume full operations as early as May 14th. If we may reopen, be assured that the safety and well being of all our patrons is our first priority. Just as we have been doing, we will gladly accommodate curb side pick ups and virtually shopping if you prefer. If you come into the store to be inspired you can expect routine practices such as disinfecting the debit terminal and door handles. The boutique atmosphere lends itself easily to physical distancing as we often have no more than 5-6 visitors at a time. 

I hope all of you are as excited to visit as I am to see you. I could just feel the hope in the air this past Saturday. Please stay tuned to our social media as we plan our comeback. Pretty soon it'll be business as usual!