6 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere Come Spring 2023

Fashion is an integral part of our lives and is ever-evolving. With another year ending, it's time to leave the old fashion trends behind and adapt to the latest trends 2023 will bring. The best thing about fashion is that it has room for everyone, and you can always add your own unique touch to an outfit for a fabulous look. 

Here are seven fashion trends to inspire your style in spring 2023!

Denim on denim

The denim fabric has been a wardrobe staple since its invention. Cozy comfort with rugged durability makes it an all-time favourite of young adults and adolescents alike. In 2023, the denim-on-denim style will be back with a twist. You can pair your denim jeans and skirts with denim bralettes or corset tops for a chic look this spring. While blue denim is evergreen, it would be best to trade them for more vibrant colours like yellow and green in 2023. 

Bring in the pink 

The craze for pink will only increase in 2023, especially with the release of the new Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. You can expect to see Barbie pink mini skirts trending throughout spring 2023. From accessories and outfits to footwear, anticipate a lot of stunning pink to add a feminine, playful touch to your wardrobe. 

Dresses over pants

Fashion has always been about self-expression, and if you can pull off something, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on-trend. One example of this is gender-fluid clothing and gender-bending, of which dresses-over-pants are a prime fixture. 

The sheer number of combinations one can make in this pairing is maddening, and it allows people from both sexes and all walks of life to infuse some personality into an otherwise bland outfit. 

Back to basics

Maximalism has been ruling the fashion industry for quite some time now. But things are changing, and we will be able to renew staples this coming spring. Cargo pants with crop tops, deconstructed tees, and jeans will rear their heads more in 2023. Anything that screams comfort will be in vogue this year, and what says fashionably comfortable better than basics? 

Sheer dresses

While you can argue that sheer dresses never went out of style, 2023 will see it play out in a never-before-seen manner. So if you have some head-turning pieces stuffed in the closet, it’s time to bring them out. Sheer dresses are known for their bold appearance and eye-catching designs, and you can add your own twist to them with rhinestones to make them a standout at evening galas and parties. 

Fringe is back

Invented in the 1920s with a slight cameo appearance in 2016, fringe has been out of fashion for a while now. In 2023, it is making a comeback along with many other off-duty styles, and if you have a fringe dress, spring 2023 is the best time to don it!

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